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  • Construction Surveying

    Oversight Video & Photography

    Alpha is a digital agency who specializes in quality drone oversite production for construction site documentation.

    We provide aerial drone oversite photography and video for construction documentation. Our video surveying service provides high quality construction site documentation to help illustrate demolition and construction progress.
Oversite Documentation

Construction Surveying

Municipalities often require construction oversite prior to demolition. Providing documented preconstruction videos, and photographs, help illustrate unseen safety precautions and a clearer job oversight.

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    High Quality
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    Limit Liability
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    FAA Trusted
  • Onsite Production

    Alpha certified pilots capture aerial photography and video oversite for construction documentation.

    • High Quality Equipment
    • Onsite Location Attendance
    • Safety Regulated
    • FAA Certified Pilots
  • Progress Surveying

    Alpha drones document construction oversite to illustrate pre-planning and demolition progress.

    • Construction Pre-Planning
    • Progress Documenting
    • Demolition Oversite
    • Safety Overview
  • Multi-View Documentation

    Alpha photographs multiangle drone images for phase-by-phase construction documentation.

    • Aerial Oversite
    • Drone Photo Documentation
    • Drone Video Documentation
    • Ground Photography
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Drone videos for construction are becoming the new industry standard for documenting construction progress and demolition safety. Alpha’s construction surveying drone service can lower your liability and expand your field of view from high above.
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